Monday, November 25, 2013

So, this is my problem...

I do not have much of a sweet tooth so not eating sweets is no problem for me.  I love to go for walks, especially since I have a dog now, so exercising is no problem for me.  The problem that I always run into whenever I try to lose weight or get into shape is not knowing HOW to eat healthy, or WHAT to eat.  What are some healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas?  I feel as though every time I attempt to eat something that I think is healthy, some nutritionist expert tells me it is not healthy.  It is very confusing to me.  Any insights on this would be greatly appreciated!  :)

Jess Knox

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  1. I agree, it's hard to navigate through all the 'this-is-what's-healthy-now' nonsense. It varies so much from person to person. It gets even trickier when planning meals for a family because some things that Shaun can't really eat for health reasons are things that I SHOULD be eating for health reasons. It's all so confusing sometimes. Overall I try to stick to REAL foods that haven't been processed much. Not that I'm very good at that... I eat processed food all the time! But I never feel bad after eating a nice big salad filled with lots of colorful fresh veggies.

    I once read two different news articles in the same day that were both about women who were over 100 years old. One of them credited her longevity to eating organic veggies and the other woman said it was definitely all the bacon she ate everyday!

    I wish I didn't have a sweet tooth, lucky girl :)


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