Spiritual Challenge

Earn daily credits through good choices in 5 categories.

  1. Scriptures -- Earn 3 credits for scripture reading. Earn 2 additional credits for sharing an insight from your reading, either in a journal or with a friend or family member.
  2. Invite -- Earn 3 credits for inviting someone to learn more about your faith. Talk about your Sabbath day experiences, share a favorite scripture, teach about your beliefs, invite someone to a church activity.
  3. Enrich -- Earn 2 credits for studying something of a spiritual nature, other than the scriptures.
  4. Give -- Earn 2 credits for sharing one of your divine gifts. Teach a lesson or skill, prepare a meal for your family, sing in the choir, reach out with a kind word or smile, organize an activity, share a listening ear, offer a silent prayer, read to a child. Everyone has a gift; use it to bless others.
  5. Bonus -- Earn up to 4 credits for continuing a habit developed during the fitness challenge. Pick 2 categories, possibly one that was easy for you and one that was a little more difficult. Earn 2 credits per category each day you make a healthy choice.

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