Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sweet Kisses

Last night at pack meeting there were refreshments and our boys volunteered to make brownies. Brownies and ice cream are probably my 2 favorite sweets.  I will pass up any Halloween candy and even passed up having syrup on pancakes in order to be able to hold out for brownies. Still last night I managed to serve up brownies to all the cub scouts and their families and managed to not steal even a bite of one.
After we went home I was getting the littlest boys to bed with pj's and goodnight kisses. There was obviously still brownie left on those cheeks and I commented that it was one sweet kiss.
Jason told me if it was that sweet, I would have to cross off one of my three sweets from this week. It was a good one and well worth it

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  1. What a "sweet" way to end the day. Thank you for your insight, Denise.


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