Monday, November 18, 2013

Checking in!

So, I will be honest, week one was pretty difficult for me. I really struggled with the sweets and exercise.  But week two I decided I would just do the full 45 minutes of exercise everyday and get the 7 points, and if I really needed a sweet that day then at least I would have extra points to subtract from! And it worked! Knowing I could have a sweet everyday really helped.  I also got my 9 year old daughter to join in on the challenge with me and being accountable to her really made me step it up. She would remind me to cook a second veggie for dinner and we did a lot of exercise together.  Unfortunately, she doesn't want to do the challenge anymore because we are going out of town for Thanksgiving and she just wants to focus on having fun. I don't blame her - I want to do that too!  I begged her to keep going but it's definitely not worth the argument with her (sheesh, who knew 9 year olds could be SO teenager-ish already?!)   But at least I have you guys to help me along!!

How did everyone else do week 2? Was it easier because you had habits in place? Harder because the newness and excitement is wearing off? Are you traveling for Thanksgiving or having a crowd at your house? We leave Friday for North Carolina and it will be hard to leave my own home where I have my routine in place. But my mom likes to take long walks, so I will try to do that with her everyday and just try to save all my sweets for Thanksgiving Day! Oh, and I am not packing any candy to snack on during the 15 hour drive. I will rely on sunflower seeds and beef jerky to keep me alert! 

Hope to hear from you guys!


  1. Good for you on taking that drive without any candy! I don't know if i would be that strong :)

  2. My second week wasn't as good as the first week, but I am really glad to have Jason as a teammate. I am glad he asks me if I've had enough water. It must be getting to the boys because they keep showing up with cups of water offering me a drink (or possibly they know I will be back in the bathroom before long and they will have unsupervised time to get in the candy stash : )

    I have found that this week I've reached for the veggies instead of feeling the urge for sweets. I don't know if I will be able to keep the sweets under 3 next week with Gileads B-day and Thanksgiving. He wants crepes for breakfast and I will try not to overdo it. But I may use all my sweet points in one meal.


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