Sunday, December 15, 2013

On the Road to Jericho

I can't believe it's been so long since my last post. Like all of you, this holiday season has been filled with craziness. One reason I wanted to take on this challenge now is because I knew I needed something to keep me on the straight and narrow -- even if I fell by the wayside on occasion. I really appreciated Alanna's comments from a few weeks ago.

"It's all a process. We want to see results immediately from the world we live in, but it takes time and we have to allow ourselves to come to terms with that. I'm in the process of translating my control of food into other aspects of my life. Controlling my behavior, trying to become a firmer disciple of Christ. To really take His name and countenance upon me."

I was reading the parable of The Good Samaritan earlier today and all of these thoughts were floating around in my head -- traveling the straight and narrow, falling by the wayside, this process called life, and this 8-week challenge -- so I did a little more study.

It was an 18 mile journey from Jerusalem to Jericho so it took more than a day of travel. Because there were long stretches of empty road, people normally travelled in groups as protection from potential thieves who could easily hide among the rocks and hills. But this man travelled alone.

When reading this parable, I've always thought about the Samaritan and how I can, and should, be more like him. But today I thought about the ways in which I've often felt like the lone traveler. How many times have I felt beaten emotionally and spiritually on my journey? How often do I try to travel this road alone? How is it possible to feel alone when I am surrounded by people who love me and care about my struggles and challenges? What Good Samaritans have I had in my life to remind me that I am never alone?

I have been blessed with beautiful, caring individuals who have tended to my wounds and made me feel whole again. Their actions turn my thoughts to the Savior who is always there, inviting me to find wholeness in Him -- both body and spirit.

Like Alanna, this challenge has been about more than just food. It has brought me to my knees many times as I struggle to control my earthly appetites. And every time I have wanted to completely give up, I think about this group -- my Good Samaritans -- who are traveling this road with me.

I know this journey hasn't been easy or perfect for any of us, but what do you say fellow travelers? Are you still on the straight and narrow or have you fallen by the wayside, as I have. If so, grab my hand and let's get back on the road to Jericho. I know you've had some good moments on this 8-week journey. Focus on those moments and don't let your struggles keep you down. There truly is no failure unless we stop trying. Imagine 24 strong beautiful women jumping out of bed tomorrow, giving thanks for another day and moving forward. What an amazing sight!

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