Friday, December 20, 2013

Dusty Dreams and a Christmas gift

Today, I found myself thinking about Mary the mother of Jesus. This may be the first time I recognized the significance of the information the angel Gabriel gave in his telling her of the importance of her cousin Elizabeth's condition. Mary presented her faithfulness to the responsibility that was given her, but then pondered those things in her heart, and then sought out Elizabeth.

I, like Mary and Elizabeth, have found myself on a path that I hadn't anticipated I would be on. Mary and Elizabeth probably needed some time to contemplate the change in their paths that they could not have guessed would change the view of who they were as individuals and women. I would guess that both women were in need of an understanding heart to help bear each others' burdens. They could always turn to the Holy Ghost for comfort, but I am sure the Lord knew that these 2 women would be better able to recognize and succor each other in their need for compassion and understanding because of similar life changing situations that they were experiencing. They both presented themselves as faithful daughters of God and put a great deal of hope in his plan for them.

This morning we celebrated an early Christmas gift with the boys. We served cake for breakfast and called it the Sugar and Spice and Everything nice cake and let them know that they would be getting a baby sister in May. 10 years ago, after finding out we would have a second son, I pushed any desire or hope of having a girl out of my mind. Jason and I have been in the all boy world of Scouts, Star Wars and Legos for so long that we identify ourselves with the all boy crowd. It has been so many years since I have dreamed of the things I would do with a daughter and those dreams were left in the dust so far back on my life journey that I am not the same person I was when I had them. The day has given me lots of time to ponder and reevaluate where I thought the path was taking me and who I thought I was. I am not worried about what will come or what other changes the path may take, but I find I have a different understanding of faith and hope and find new excitement in dusting off some forgotten dreams.

I am grateful for the lessons of Mary and Elizabeth and recognize that the Lord knows my needs as well as theirs and has helped me find support and understanding hearts along my path.
Merry Christmas!


  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What can I do to help? Do you want Ruby's old clothes?

  2. Oh, Denise... I am so very excited for you! Children are such a blessing...and girls are a treasure. 15 was a little rough, but 16 has been a wonderful year. :)


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