Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sacrifices & the net cast into the sea (Matthew Chapter 13)

As I was studying Matthew Chapter 13 Verses 44-46, I pondered over the sacrifices that others that I know have made as they have joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I do not feel that I have made any sacrifices, but I know a friend who has made many sacrifices to become a member of this church.  Her parents were very mad at her when she got sealed in the temple and they were unable to come.  Her parents have not been supportive of her as she strives to live the gospel values and keep the commandments.  It breaks her heart sometimes to get treated the way she does by her family for the righteous choices that she has made, but it never shakes her faith.  She has a firm testimony that this is the gospel is true and she moves forward faithfully.  It is her hope that her example will be a positive influence for good and will help bring her parents into the church.  Another friend of mine has parents who say very mean things to her about her church membership and make being at home a very difficult time to endure.  The only time she feels peace in her heart and happiness in her life is when she is away from them and at a church college; surrounded by those like her who live and love the gospel.  I am ever in awe of these two women that I know who travail through so much sorrow and hardship, yet still remain true and faithful to their covenants! 
I am not sure if this is correct, but my guess is that the net in the parable of the net cast into the sea in Matthew Chapter 13 Verse 47 represents judgment day.  I think that being gathered into the net means being born on earth to go through the tests and trials that we must all face.  When that parable talks about casting away the bad and gathering the good, I think that represents what will happen to all of us during the day of judgment—we will either be cast away with the bad or placed in His peaceful arms of rest if we are true and faithful.  What do you think this parable is talking about? 

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