Saturday, February 1, 2014

Have faith, not fear

As I was studying Matthew Chapter 14 Verses 22-33, I pondered over the story about Jesus walking on the sea.  It was completely understandable why the Apostles were frightened when they saw Him walking towards them on the water!  I love how Peter’s response to the Savior showed how much faith he had in Him.  However, even Peter’s faith wavered when he lost sight of the Savior and focused on his fear of drowning in the sea.  Despite that fact, I loved how Peter knew that He could call upon the Savior for help when he started to fall beneath the water.  Jesus did not make Peter wait; He immediately stretched forth His hand and helped him. 
In Doctrine and Covenants Chapter 88 Verse 67, it talks about how we need to have our eyes single to the Lord’s glory.  In other words, we need our whole bodies to be filled with His light so we do not have any darkness in us.  The principle in this verse about having faith in the Lord instead of having doubts or fears relates to Peter being able to walk on the water when he had faith that the Savior could make it be so.  Likening that to my own life, I need to remember that the Savior will help me get through the storms in my own life if I trust in Him. 

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